The Sad Cloud Who Wanted to Make Friends
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The Sad Cloud Who Wanted to Make Friends
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Cloud just wanted to make friends. But his raindrop tears seemed to make everyone run away. This just makes him sadder.


Join Cloud on his adventures to find some friends who like him just as he is.


The full story was written and illustrated by 11 year old Evalhena with some help from her Grandma Katie and is available in both physical and ebook versions, in English and in Spanish.


This coloring book is designed to accompany the full story of The Sad Cloud Who Wanted to Make Friends.


When you buy this book, you help to fund Evalhena's college education!

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Katie is a predominantly self-taught artist/designer who loves creating new ideas and then moving on to the next new thing. She got back in touch with her art and design work while co-writing a fictional series that took waaaaaay too long to finish. In addition to being self-taught, she really does prefer to work alone, on her own schedule, even while she values the input and contribution of others. At least that way there is no one else to blame for missed schedules. 

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