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MyCustomJournal was created out of the need for many people wanting their own styles of planners and journals... looking for things that were not the norm.

For example, when you're looking for a planner for your year, you may have been frustrated seeing the same boring styles and boxes that probably doesn't fit your life. Not everyone has an 8am-8pm schedule, and most of us have busy weekends that need more space than a couple of lines.

Back in 2007, Amber Jalink, our Founder, was having this exact issue. So, out of her own frustrations finding these products, she began creating her own. After that, others saw it and wanted their own stylings, and asked her to create them.

It came to a point that, so many people wanted variations for themselves... yet others also wanted to be able to create and sell THEIR styles.

And that's how MyCustomJournal was born - a place where you can find lots of different products to fit your busy life.



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