Just Say NO to Sweary Words - Coloring Book
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Just Say NO to Sweary Words - Coloring Book
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Finally - A NON Sweary Word book for people who want to let loose, even though they're just too darn polite. Here's a chance to color your expressions, while not offending anyone.


48 one-sided alternative expressions paired with original artwork and illustrations. 40 black linework on white background, PLUS - 8 BONUS pages of white linework on black background - same images, but reversed for when you simply want to make the message POP.


Got your fill of seeing all the Sweary Curse Word books? Now the rest of us can enjoy the satisfaction of coloring our not-so-sweary word images, while still getting our feelings expressed.


Yes, Virginia, there are alternatives to cursing. And this book showcases 48 of them.


Included in this book:

-– &*^% Symbols –- Aw Poop –- Blasted Idiot –- What in Blue Blazes? –- Blurg!! –- Bull Spit –- Cheeky Barstool –- Cripes –- DAD Gummit –- Darn It –- Egads! –- Friggin’ A–- Oh Fudge –- Gee Whiz –- Heck –- Heck, Rats & Shoot –- Hockey Puck –- Holy Moly –- Holy Smokes –- Horse Feathers -- Jackweed -- Jiminy Christmas -– Kitty Whiskers –- Mother Lovin’ –- Mother Trucker –- OMG –- Pfft!! –- Phooey –- Shazbot –- Sheesh –- Shiznit –- Shut the Front Door –- Oh Snap! –- Son of a Biscuit Eater –- Sunny Beaches –- Tuff TATAs –- Whooaa Nellie! –- Oh My Word –- Yikes -- YOWZA


Get your spiral bound copy today and bring some politeness back into the world...

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Katie is a predominantly self-taught artist/designer who loves creating new ideas and then moving on to the next new thing. She got back in touch with her art and design work while co-writing a fictional series that took waaaaaay too long to finish. In addition to being self-taught, she really does prefer to work alone, on her own schedule, even while she values the input and contribution of others. At least that way there is no one else to blame for missed schedules. 

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