Round-n-Round Coloring Book
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Round-n-Round Coloring Book
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This fourth book of spiral bound digitally created mandalas celebrates circles.

The circle of life, the circle of the mandala, the circle of friends, of community, and of the world we live in. A circle is completion, it's continuity. As a solid sphere, it's fullness. And when it's 3 dimensional, as in a spiral, it becomes a symbol of growth and expansion.


The mandala is a spiritual and ritualistic symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In general, it is a microcosmic representation of the Universe.


The mandala is used to help focus attention on spiritual guidance, and for mindful practices such as meditation. Most mandalas, especially today, are circular in design. The circle has long been a spiritual symbol of wholeness.


But the use of mandalas isn't just spiritual. Therapists as far back as Carl Jung have often used mandalas with their patients.


For the past 30 years I have used mandalas in my watercolor and silk paintings, as well as my glass jewelry fabrication, my cloth fabric dying, and the quilts I design and construct.


Psychologists claim that coloring is the next best thing to meditation. I find mandalas are nearly as therapeutic to create as they are to color.


Pick up a coloring book today and enjoy your own inner expansion and wholeness.


Volumes in the Mandala Series:
- Heart~2~Hear
- Star Gazing
- Florabunda
- Round & Round
- Square Roots

and a specially priced Magical Design Sampler Volume with samples from each full book. Also available in mini take-along sized books.

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Katie is a predominantly self-taught artist/designer who loves creating new ideas and then moving on to the next new thing. She got back in touch with her art and design work while co-writing a fictional series that took waaaaaay too long to finish. In addition to being self-taught, she really does prefer to work alone, on her own schedule, even while she values the input and contribution of others. At least that way there is no one else to blame for missed schedules. 

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