Spiritual Identity Thieves
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Spiritual Identity Thieves
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Reclaim Your Personal Identity and Your Confidence

There's an epidemic of stolen identities in our world today, and it has nothing to do with Social Security numbers.

Every second, millions of women have their identities stolen. The perpetrators range from friends and family members to nameless strangers to multinational corporations. They do it over and over again, sometimes unwittingly, sometimes on purpose.

The crime isn't stolen passwords or fraudulent credit card charges. The criminals aren't cyber-punks wanting to buy big screen TVs with someone else's cash. It's much worse.

Instead of wrecking someone's financial standing, these identity thieves rob women of their self-esteem, their sense of worth, and the fundamental way they see themselves. Instead of seeing themselves as a masterpiece, women see themselves as a train wreck. Everything in their lives is affected. I call it Spiritual Identity Theft, because it affects their very souls.

Financial Identity Theft affects your net worth. Spiritual Identity Theft affects your self-worth.

Spiritual Identity Thieves is an eye-opening mini-course and workbook. You'll learn how negative experiences in your life have highjacked your sense of self and how that shows up in your life. Most importantly, you'll discover what to do about it.

Buy Spiritual Identity Thieves TODAY, and reclaim your identity and your confidence.

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Rediscover Radiance
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Rediscover Radiance
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Radiant Resources offers you journals, workbooks, etc that boost your self-esteem and confidence from the inside out.

Products that help you rediscover the heart and soul of who YOU are.

Resources that help you be your most Radiant Self™.

We believe that when women chip away the layers of who they've been taught to be, and embrace the authentic masterpiece they were created to be, they find more confidence, succes, and fulfilllment in life and business.

We are committed to helping women heal the past, remove the masks they hide behind, and make their mark on the world.

Find out more at www.RediscoverRadiance.com

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