18 Month Weekly Planner Oct 2019-Mar 2021
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18 Month Weekly Planner Oct 2019-Mar 2021
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This sprial bound 200 page 18 monthly planner is from October 2019 to March 2021 and is perfect for planning ahead to help you plan and execute your goals.

2019-2021 Monthly Planner Details

  • Monthly layout features daily blocks to provide ample space for writing. Weeks start with Monday, so that your weekend days are grouped together. 

  • The double page spread in this planner contains generous spaces for your daily appointments and birthday reminders on the left and a blank dot grid on the right for all your notes associated with that week (weekly to do lists, personal goals etc). At the bottom of the dot grid blank page are mini calendars for the previous, current and next month so that you can see at a glance where you are.

  • At the beginning of each month you have a monthly planner and a whole page to list the things you need to do for that month.

  • This planner can be used for personal, academic and business.

  • Printed on quality paper.

  • “Clean” design which you can leave as is or decorate it with your own doodles and artwork.

  • Paperback cover matte finish design.

  • Sized at 6” x 9” it’s easy to carry around.

  • A great gift for yourself, your friends, family, co-workers, as a Christmas, Birthday or New Year gift.

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Dotti Diaries
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Dotti Diaries is birthed out of the BuJo (Bullet Journal) movement.

I like the concept of Bullet Journaling, so I read up on how and why it was created and studied on how to do it. As I did this I came to the conclusion that all the guides on how to bullet journal were, in fact, defeating the whole purpose of the method.

From what I understand, Bullet Journaling breaks away from the traditional diaries, planners and notebooks and allows it's users to be creative and personalise tasks, goals and plans. 

When I put Bullet Journaling into practice for myself, I found that I still needed a dated diary to plan ahead for appointments, events and holidays. But I had already fallen in love with dot grid notebooks!

I decided that I would combine a dated diary with dot grid notepaper. So, I purchased a dot grid notebook and spent hours drawing up a planner on the left side of a double page spread - I left the right side blank (except for the dot grid) for my own weekly notes. Needless to say the process of drawing my own planner took ages and was riddled with mistakes! BUT... the result was a usable BuJo Planner that I have now been using happily for more than 2 years.

All Dotti Diaries are printed on dot grid paper. Some are more guided than others (ie they have predesigned lists or areas for you to complete), some have nothing but a few lines defining the days for your planner (for the people who want total control over their pages).

That brings me to another point. When I used to shop for a diary, I ALWAYS found it really difficult to find one that did not reduce the space to write in for Saturday and Sundays. I needed to have the space at the weekend as I did for my week days. So, when I designed my own diary, I was free to allocate exactly the same amount of space for each day!

Now is the time to share my ideas... I hope you like them!

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