Living With Alzheimer's Journal (Vol8)
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Living With Alzheimer's Journal (Vol8)
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    This beautiful Living With Alzheimers Journal is the perfect journal for helping with those suffereing from Alzheimers in remembering who visited and the conversation had.

    Featuring a full section to get as much information about Family history before it's too late.

    The Book Contains:
  • 100 Pages + Covers
  • Dedication Page
  • Important Questions to Asked with Notes section
  • Family Tree with Notes section (pages 3 to 11)
  • Friends and Family section to help your loved one recount the day
    Room for six visitors and notes per page (pages 12 to 96)
  • Lined pages for extra notes (pages 96 to 100)
  • Premium matte cover design
  • Printed on high quality 60# interior stock
  • Modern and trendy layout
  • Perfectly sized at 8.5" x 11"
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    Ron loves designing planners, journals, cook books, notebooks and printables to suit his customers needs. Many of his designs are simple and yet elegant and easily customized.

    Ron loves to hear from his customers, whether it be a review or in the form of a special request. Just let him know what you think or what you would like.

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