Baby Journal For Adoptive Families
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Baby Journal For Adoptive Families
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This adoption baby journal is designed to create cherished memories for you and your adopted child.

Use this journal to describe your family background and to record all the milestones and events through your child’s early years. There is ample space for recording yearly highlights, charting the child’s growth, describing the important events in your child’s development. Documenting your child’s unique journey through life will create an everlasting keepsake. It provides 130 pages to record years of memories.

More importantly, there is space for parents share their thoughts about the adoption. There is space for them to write about their journey through the adoption decision. They can express their love for their adopted child, and they can describe their hopes and dreams for the future.

This book is the ideal gift for every adopting couple as they embark on this journey of love and selfless dedication.

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