My Alphabet Practice Book
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My Alphabet Practice Book
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How do you make learning the letters of the alphabet 'fun' for your child?

By presenting them with their very own unique alphabet practice book.

Inside the 'My Alphabet Practice Book' you will find tracing pages with each letter of the alphabet, both in uppercase and lowercase form.  Also, included are coloring pages for each letter of the alphabet.

Each tracing worksheet clearly displays the letter (in a large format) and shows how each letter is formed (using directional arrows).  Your child will be able to practice tracing each letter, either by following the arrows and/or following the tracing lines.

At the bottom of each page, the letter is highlighted and displayed with the entire alphabet so that your chld is reminded where that letter can be found in the order of the alphabet.

On each coloring page, your child can either trace the letter again or color it in and also color the object that begins with the letter.  

At the bottom of each coloring page, the word for that object is included (with directional arrows) so that your child can begin to understand that individual letters are grouped together to form words.

Begin your child's journey to reading with this fun alphabet book.


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