One Month At A Time: October
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One Month At A Time: October
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Relax and let your mind wander with this unique coloring book.

This October edition feature pumpkins and fun sayings!

As in each edition, you,ll find the following:

8 Seasonal & Themed Pages: Each month you'll find unique designs & quote pages based on the month, season, holidays, or a empowering theme. 

5 Calendars & Planners: The colorable calendars, gratitude pages, daily & weekly planners, and menu planners match each themes. 

3 Gorgeous Everyday Designs: From animals to flowers, to random doodles, hearts, and nature scenes, you'll never know what this extra will be!

10 Mandalas & 5 Patterns: We create coloring pages with a variety of skill levels in mind. Our mandalas are simple & spacious while patterns are more complex.

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Stephie The Happy Mom
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Stephie The Happy Mom
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Quebec   Quebec

I love to learn new things all the time! I’m curious, and I’m good at thinking outside the box to solve daily problems in a creative way.

I first took art classes in college, then decided to explore the creative world of baking for about 10 years. What I was interested in the most was sharing my knowledge with others. It was too hard at that time to become a baking teacher, so I decided to go back to school to learn about teaching art classes to kids.

Then came my son, and I felt that the best place to be was at home with him!

I gradually realized I can do everything I enjoy (learning, creating, and sharing) through working online and creating fun digital content.

That’s how I now sprinkle happiness in other mama's lives!


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